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International Film Club

September 12, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Celebrating great talents from less-familiar cultures..

For the first part of our Monday program, we have 5 beautifully shot short films that offer a glimpse into a fascinating culture with stories that will stay with the audience for a very long time.


A film by Hosein Torkjoosh
Duration 17:52 Persian with English subtitles

12 O’Clock

Director – Sajad Soleymani

Duration 15:00 Persian with Eglish subtitles

The plot is of a woman who is supposed to get divorced. On the day of the court that she should be going with her husband, she makes a strange decision. Along with her son who is at home she does an unimaginable act.


Director – Yaser Barzegar

Duration 12:00 Persian English subtitles

A girl who is under domestic violence calls the emergency services and reports her father’s suspicious death.


Director – Sara Bahramjahan

Duration 35:00 Persian with English subtitles

This documentary is about Iranians who decided to have no children


Director – Omid Shenavar

Duration 17:23 Persian and English

A harrased dog is found by animal helpers near a small village in Iran, they take him to the shelter and cure his disease but soon they find out Attila the dog suffers from an infected leg. As the helpers don’t want his leg to be cut off They manage to send Attila to Us via an unbelievable story.


Time to recharge your wine glass or coffee cup!

Then we return with thought provoking 2 short films from Tunisian filmmaker Noomen Moomen, a multi-award winning short from from Nepal and a stunningly photographed  story by Malayalam director Prahas.


A film by Minsho Limbu

Duration 14:43 Nepali with English subtitles

A newlywed girl is left to live with her mother when her husband leaves to find work in India. He gives her a mobile phone as he departs, and this is to be the sole method of communication between the couple. She waits patiently for her husband to call, but it is in vain.
As days pass, longingness turns to loneliness, then resignation to resolve. The girl and her mother ultimately find solace in each other in this affecting film about solitude, abandonment, and self-actualization.

Earth is Home

Directed by Noomen Noomen

Duration 7:58 Arabic, English, Persian

Coronavirus has spread around the world until the period of global quarantine that allowed people around the world to stay at home and then go back in time 1920 about the forgotten Spanish flu whose victims were most affected by COVID-19 in the end we learned that the coronavirus has no limits in Our world, Earth is becoming less polluted and we need to protect it because Earth is our home.


Directed by Noomen Noomen

Duration 17:39 Arabic, English, French

Alexander moved from his rural town to the capital, so the city’s problems were embodied in his body and soul, so he sought refuge outside the city center to create a city special to his human and cosmic nature.

The Discipline

Directed by Prahas

Duration 23:00 Malayalam with English subtitles

The film captures sequence of events happening in a residential hostel for children during late 1990’s in Kerala. The rigorous discipling in the hostel reveals absurd ideas of self-making process. The film explores paradoxes and ambivalences in the modernisation project in a post-colonial country.


Date: September 12, 2022
Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Cost: €5
Event CategoriesEvents, Film, Interesting Talks, Social
Venue Name: Thomazeau International Flm Club
Address: Prom de la Mouthe
Castillonnès, Nouvelle Aquitaine 47330 France

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