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International Film Club

September 14, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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The New Faces of Film

Join the club atmosphere in the cave below the Château for a great afternoon of cinema entertainment.

The Vice

A film by Gilles Vanderstaeten

Duration 12:41 French with English subtitles

Cécile is an air hostess. She meets her lover, Claude, at intervals dictated by her flight schedules. She has no idea that he is married.
One morning, before leaving for work, she reveals to him that she will soon have a whole week off which they can spend together. Claude at first claims to be overjoyed, but this rapidly changes as he remembers that sadly it won’t be possible due to a prior professional engagement. This is not the first time that he has used this excuse, but this time Cécile refuses to accept it. In fact, she goes so far as to tell him that if he doesn’t make himself available it will signal the end of their relationship. Faced with this ultimatum, Claude agrees to rearrange his work schedule.

Happiness Recipe

A film be Paul Houzel

Duration 12:44 French with English subtitles

Marie is unhappy because of the distant relationship that her husband Raphaël has with her. She calls a doctor who prescribes a special medicine that alters the personality. Raphaël becomes adorable, but not for long…

Chocolat Viennois

A film by Elie Vilmin

Duration 27:00 French with English subtitles

Gabrielle, a young adult with hearing loss who was raised in a talking family, feels like she is missing out on her life. She always feels left out. At an annoying party, she is rescued by Avril, a deaf woman. Her encounter with the deaf world makes her question herself.


A film by Emeric Gallego

Duration 11:35 French with English subtitles

Two women with the name Camille both learned the text and imagine the character the same way for a role. A role that reminds them why they would have liked to be an actress and why this environment is difficult.
This short film denounces false castings …


Time to refresh your glass or top up on caffeine.

Our Last Summer

A film by Vincent Orst

Duration 1:49:00 French with English subtitles

Six friends in their thirties leave women and children for a week to relive their first holidays. They will realize that they are not as young as they thought they were or fully mature to claim the rank of adult…
Date: September 14, 2022
Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Cost: €5
Event CategoriesArt, Comedy, Film, Interesting Talks, Social
Venue Name: Thomazeau International Flm Club
Address: Prom de la Mouthe
Castillonnès, Nouvelle Aquitaine 47330 France

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